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Icy-Veins Class and Garrison Guides Updated for Patch 6.1

With Patch 6.1 comes a variety of class-specific changes and a number of Garrison improvements and upgrades. Icy-Veins are already updating their class guides and Garrison guides for all of the 6.1 changes.

You can find all of the class guides here:

The Garrison guides are all available here:

As a reminder, you can find the complete Patch 6.1 notes here and Blizzard’s Patch 6.1 feature overview here.

Enjoy the new patch!

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We’re Back!

Well it’s been a while… did you miss us?

Other things, those annoying real life things, had to take forefront in the world of rollhack which is why the Warlords of Draenor beta release is late. Very late. Sorry.

Things are back on track though. We have this shiny new website up – hope you like it – and a patch to the RollHack app for Warlords of Draenor will be with you soon!!! And yes, it will definitely be worth the wait! 😉

We know, from the emails, that a lot of you were worried that Blizzard may have broken RollHack with their latest release but lucky for you (and us) they have not. A few tweaks to the code and authentication will be needed but we are very optimistic that it will work again. Like the PirateBay, RollHack too will rise from the ashes!

In the meantime, we hope you are all enjoying the latest expansion to World of Warcraft. We certainly are!

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Below is just the old news archive from the old site (with a few typos corrected). You can probably ignore it. It’s old. And it’s a bit rubbish.

Update 08/24/11

The new site is live! Admittedly it’s nothing fancy but we hope you think it is better than the old one.

Update 07/18/11

Sorry for the lack of updates but we have recently been researching other games where a roll hack or other exploit / cheat may be able to influence a loot roll or in-game mini-game. We think we might be able to do something so hopefully we might have something for you soon. Don’t hold your breath on this one though, these things don’t come easy!

Update 08/09/10

Site update coming soon! Keep an eye out for it or follow our Twitter feed ( for updates!

Update 07/07/10

We can only apologise for the delays in releasing this as a final version. The latest expansion has meant some re-coding had to be done and fitting that around everything else in life has caused the delays. The Beta testing must be completed successfully before we will release a final version. We will not release a version that we are not completely happy with and that Blizzard may be able to detect. We hope you understand, after all it is your accounts that will get banned.

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